Dyson Family of Worcestershire

© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
Origins of the Dyson Surname

I have researched in number of publications regarding the surname Dyson and all indicate that it is patronymic in its source.

In Bardsley’s Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames it states;

‘Dyson- Bapt ‘the son of Dionisia’ from the nickname dy or dye whence patronymic Dyson. Almost all Dysons hail from Yorkshire whence the font-name and popularity is second only to those of Matilda and Isabel.. Of course Dionisius the masuline form was not unknown and for a time Deny or Dennis were common proberly for both sexes. Poll Tax Records of 1379 show Johannes Dison and Dionisia uxor Thome Dison’

In The Origins of English Surnames by P H Reaney it suggests that that origin is patronymic as ‘John Dyson de Langside owed his surname to his mother Dionysia de Langside’ In the same publication it suggests the first instance of ‘Dyson’ in Worcestershire is the Rolls of 1327 with the mention of John Dysonne

In an article in Telegraph.co.uk by Oliver Poole in November 2001 it takes the origin one step further as follows; ‘The name appeared for the first time in 1316 when John Dyson - or in other records John son of Di - was found living in the small village of Linthwaite. He was named after his mother Dyonisia - or Di - of Linthwaite, a landowner who was hauled before the manor courts for stealing cattle’ see; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2001/06/10/ndna10.xml