Dyson Family of Worcestershire

© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
Dyson ‘Strays’

During the course of my research I have traced a number of ‘Dyson’ family groups in Worcestershire and Warwickshire which may be related to Henry Dyson c 1440 but to date I have failed to establish a satisfactory link. Details of these groups are shown below.

In addition it was noted that in the 1800’s during the Industrial Revolution a number of Dyson families migrated northwards to Birmingham and the surrounding area in search of work. Similarly a number of family groups of the ‘Dyson’ surname migrated southwards from Yorkshire and Lancashire for the same reasons. These have been researched for elimination purposes but are not included in this site.

1.  William Dyson b 1784 Kempsey Wor - details

2.  George Dyson b 1803 Rowley Regis Sts  -  details

3.  Charles Dyson b 1825 Feckenham Wor  -  details

4.  Stephen Dyson b 1801 Tardibigg Wor  -  details

5.  William Dyson b 1800 Wor  -  details

6.  Gilbert Dyson b 1688 Alcester War  -  details

7.  Unknown Dyson b c 1760  - details

8.  Thomas Dyson b 1797 War  -  details

9.  Thomas Dyson b c 1760  - details