Dyson Family of Worcestershire

© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
Parish Records

The majority of these records have been transcribed from microfilmed originals viewed at the Family History Centre at Crawley, Sussex with the remainder transcribed from the International Genealogical  Index (IGI)  at www.familysearch.org

Parish Baptismal Records are shown with date of birth , occupation of father, and place of residence if these are shown in the original Register. I have also shown the Dyson Generation Number (DGN) of the individual to whom the record relates. These records are arranged by  A -Z Order

Parish Marriage Records This database lists the male spouse first followed by the wife. There are therefore two sets of records, first  male followed by female marriages in  A - Z Order,  together with the DGN number.

Parish Burial Records are shown  by A - Z order Where an age of death has been shown I have also calculated the year of birth together with the DGN number.

General Record Office Records  

The General Registrar Office's Indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths are the property of the Crown. I have been given permission to reproduce the Dyson entries - albeit it in a changed format - on the grounds that the data is to be used for recreational purposes only and not for commercial gain. The Office for National Statistics reserve all rights on behalf of the Crown in the use of the data which cannot be reproduced either as a whole or in part without the prior written permission of ONS. Any  queries should be made to: csb.support@ons.gov.uk