Dyson Family of Worcestershire
© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
A check of the 1851 Census shows that Joseph was living in the home of his Grandfather, Joseph at High Green, Croome D’Abitot.  Harriet is not at this address at the time as she had left home and married. (See Chapter 4). However  I have failed to locate Harriet on the 1841 Census, she is not shown at the family home at High Green. From the evidence that I have found it would appear that Joseph was brought up by his grandparents. I have failed to locate any details as to his true father. High Green was only a small hamlet of about 20 dwellings at this time.

1851 Census for High Green:

Joseph  DYSON            Head       M      50                            Labourer                           Croome D'Abitot
Elizabeth  DYSON         Wife        M      50                                                                     Welland  
Ann   DYSON               Daughter  U       23                                                                    Croome D'Abitot
William  DYSON           Son          U      17                            Ag. lab                              Croome D'Abitot
Elizabeth  DYSON         Daughter           12                                                                     Croome D'Abitot
Joseph  DYSON            Grand Son          9                            Scholar                              Croome D'Abitot
Sarah  JEANES             Grand Daughter   5                            Lodger                              Earls Croome
Caroline  JEANES         Grand Daughter   4                            Lodger                              Earls Croome
Henry   BUBB                      ?       M      42                            Ag Lab                              Seven Stoke
Thomas  DYSON         Grand Son           1                                                                      Upton on Severn

In addition to Joseph Dyson it will be noted that there are three further grandchildren living at the High Green address. Sarah and Caroline Jeanes are the issue of the marriage between  William Jeans and Joice Dyson on 7 November 1842. Joice was Harriet’s elder sister who was baptised on 8 March 1820 at Croome D’Abitot

Thomas is a mystery, I can find no trace of either his birth or baptism. I believe him to be the illegitimate issue of one of Harriet’ sisters, I suspect Eliza, who was unmarried at the time of his birth, she having been baptised on 19 September 1830 at Croome D’Abitot  On Thomas’s marriage to Emma Parker on 3 November 1874 he declared his father to be Henry Bubb, the lodger in household at the time of 1851 Census.

Joseph Dyson became a gardener and moved from Worcestershire and was married at Beckenham in Kent on 30th December 1869 to Martha Field a spinster of full age the daughter of Zemeria Field, a gardener. Joseph states that his father is Joseph Dyson, a farmer. This is in fact his grandfather. Martha Field was baptised at Farringdon, Berkshire on 23 August 1840 the daughter of Zemeria Field and Hannah Cove.