Dyson Family of Worcestershire
© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
My Great Grandfather— Joseph Henry Dyson

When I commenced researching my Family History it was the  birth of Joseph Dyson that had proved the stumbling block for my father and Naomi Cole and I can understand why.

I knew that Joseph had lived at Madresfield in Worcestershire and was born about 1840 and should therefore appear in the General Record Office Index of Births. A search of this index failed to reveal his birth. Following a discussion with the Registrar for Malvern District and some lateral thinking his birth was finally traced. I presumed that his parent(s) were probably illiterate and that they relied on the Registrar for the spelling of the surname, furthermore I had to take into account the Worcestershire accent.

 I found that Joseph DIZON’s birth was recorded at the General Record Office as 22nd November 1841 at Croome D’Abitot the son of Harriet DIZON.  Further research revealed that he was baptised, at Croome D’Abitot, as Joseph Henry DYSON on 9th January 1842 , the son of Harriet Dyson a single woman. The same Parish Register revealed that Harriet had been baptised on 26th November 1821 the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth.