Dyson Family of Worcestershire
© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
appertaining. And shall and will during all the term aforesaid, find, provide, and allow unto the said apprentice meet, competent and sufficient meat, drink and apparel, lodging, washing and all other things necessary and fit for an Apprentice. And also shall and so will provide for the said Apprentice that he be not any way charge to the said Parish or Parishioners of the same: but of and from all charge shall and will save the said Parish and Parishioners harmless and indemnified during the said term. And at the end of the said term, shall and will mark, provide allow and deliver unto the said Apprentice double apparel of all sorts good and new (that is to say) a good new suit for Holy Days and another for working days. In witness whereof, the parties above said to the present indentures interchangeably have and put their hands and seal the day above written.

Sealed and delivered in the presence of  William Davies
     William Ward

The mark of John X Stinton

We whose names are subscribed, Justices of the Peace for the Borough aforesaid (dwelling in the said Borough) do consent to the putting forth of the above said Thomas Dyson, Apprentice according to the intent and meaning of the above Indentures
    Sam. Jarvis Mayor, Wm. Halford