Dyson Family of Worcestershire
© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
My Great Great Great Grandfather Joseph Dyson

Joseph Dyson was baptised on 15th February 1801 at  Croome D’Abitot the son of Thomas Dyson and Joyce Aspee.

Joseph had the following siblings; William baptised 5th September 1785 at Kempsey. He married Sarah Tandy on 17 August 1811 at  St. Albans Worcester and they had two children Ann born 1816 and Elizabeth born 1819.

 Thomas baptised on 6th July 1788 at Pirton who married Susanna Wagstaff on 24th November 1817.

 John baptised on 20th June 1790 at Croome D’Abitot who married Mary Young on 26th April 1812 at Norton Juxta Kempsey  and they had nine children, George, 1813, Daniel 1816, John 1818, Joshua 1821, Sarah 1823, James 1826,   Elizabeth 1828, Job 1831 and Sarah 1834.
Croome Church
Samuel baptised on 12th October 17894 at Croome D’Abitot who married Helena and had one child Thomas born 1817.

 Nancy baptised 16th July 1797 at Croome D’Abitot and Mary baptised 17th July 1803 and buried on 27 July 1803.

His brothers William and John lived in the Parish of Norton Juxta Kempsey and all their offspring were baptised at St James the Great. Which is now not so great and is falling into disrepair and needs much work to stabilise the moving foundations. The families lived and worked in the adjoining hamlet of Littleworth. The men working as agricultural labourers, no doubt on a Coventry Estate farm and the women were employed as home workers, as gloveress’s, making leather gloves for a factory based in Worcester.