Dyson Family of Worcestershire
© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
Current Generations

Having outlined the descendants from my father, Ronald to Henry of about 1470 I must now turn to the present and give some detail of mine and subsequent generations.

I, Jeffrey Alan, was born one month premature, by Caesarian Section at 6.15pm. on September 10th 1941. My birth weight was just 3 lbs and I was not given much chance for survival, but I was a fighter and after a prolonged stay in hospital was released to the care of my parents. I spent my first six months in a large wicker shopping basket which served both as cot and pushchair!. I was Baptised on 22 March 1942 at St Mary the Virgin, St James Street Brighton, my Godparents being Vera Hollebone and Albert Newcombe

I do not have many memories of the war years but can recall being able to see a Barrage Balloon from the rear of my grandparents house at 103 Stanford Avenue.
It was situated at the rear of the shops in Preston Drove to protect the shopping area around the Five Ways. I also recall being with my Grandmother in Stanford Avenue when we watched a daylight bombing raid on the railway viaduct between Brighton and London Road Stations. The viaduct remained intact but damage was caused to adjoining property.

I also remember that I spent my formative years sleeping in an Anderson Shelter, which comprised of a metal cage beneath the dining room table. If an Air Raid was sounded I was then joined by the rest of the family.

My only  other memory at this time was being accused of killing the family pet cat.  It is alleged that it committed suicide by running under a Number 14 bus in Stanford Avenue to escape me from flushing it down the toilet!  As if I would do such a thing - ‘butter would not melt in my mouth’.