Dyson Family of Worcestershire
© Jeff Dyson  - November 2006
My Father—Ron Dyson

Ronald Charles Dyson was born on  31 January 1907  at Acton London.

He was the third of four children born to William Dyson and Edith Ballard. Gilbert Joseph was born on 11 November 1901, Hilda Molly on 31st May 1905 and Geoffrey William on 27 December 1912. None of his siblings lived for long. Hilda died on 1st December 1907, Gilbert on 24th September 1926 and Geoffrey on 23 December 1934.

Ronald was Baptised at St Mary’s Acton on 24th  February 1907
At the time of Ronald’s birth his parents were living at 37 Birkbeck Road Acton and his father was employed  as a gardener at Barrowfield Nursery, Lower Edmonton.

 His father then went into business with Joseph Hawes, who had adopted Edith Ballard following the death of her parents, trading as Priory Farm Dairy at 13 High Street, Acton.
His mother was of poor health and on medical advice  they  moved to Brighton in 1916. First living at 4 Cleveland Road, and later moving to 42 Queens Park Road, Brighton and then to St Hilda’s Old Shoreham Road, Hove.

Ronald went to school in Brighton and having followed his father’s occupation of horticulture and began working for a private nursery situated in Lewes Road Brighton. Its location now forms part of the ‘Wild Park’ garden just south of Coldean Lane. In 1928 he joined Brighton Corporation Parks Department, working at their nursery at Roedale Road Brighton