- 1559

Life History


Wrote will.1


Buried in Inkberrow.1


Died in Inkberrow.

Other facts


Married ANN.


Married Margaret REYNOLDS.


Birth of daughter Fortune DYSON.


Birth of son Richard DYSON.


Birth of son John DYSON.


Birth of son William DYSON.


Birth of son Thomas DYSON.


Birth of daughter Ellenor DYSON.


Birth of daughter Isobell DYSON.


Birth of daughter Elizabeth DYSON.


Birth of son George DYSON.


Birth of son Henry DYSON.


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    Will of Henry Dyson Late of Inkberrow - 1559

    In the year of our Lord God, 1559, I Henry Dyson of the Parish of Inkberrow, being firm in body and of sound mind and memory, I make this my last will and testament in manner and form following;  First I bequeath my soul unto Almighty  God, my maker and saviour, and my body to be buried in the Church of the Parish of Inkberrow aforesaid.

    I bequeath unto Isobell my daughter £4. I bequeath unto William my son £4. I bequeath unto Fortune my daughter, £4. I bequeath unto Elenor, my daughter £4. I bequeath unto Thomas my son 20/-. Furthermore I  will that if any of them shall die before they receive the money, it to be equally divided amongst the issue of mine above named. And as for the rest of my goods, not bequeathed, moveable and unmoveable, I give unto Margaret Dyson, my wife, and I will that Lewis Dyson, my brother and Harry Jarrot, to be my executors, whom shall have 12d apiece in payment for their pains. Also I make John Smythe my Brother in Law, and Richard Dyson my son, the overseers of this my last will and testament. And that I further will that they will see my will fulfilled.

    Witnesses hereunto, William Hall of Inkberrow and John Moore

    It is my will that my wife shall enjoy and occupy, during the time of my depart, my property and all I have in it, and that parcel of ground that belongeth, unto the  nether place.

    Debts owing to the said Henry Dyson;
    Nicholas Harrison oweth me 30/-
    John Chandler oweth me 6/10d

    Debts which I Henry Dyson oweth;
    I owe Fortune 10/-

    Probate on this will was given on 20th March 1559


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